We are often asked “Why does my dress still need alterations?” We wanted to do this blog post to help shine some light on this area.

Yes, your dress will need some minor alterations once it arrives in the store. We measure you to find where the best place you would be in the designer’s size chart.

It is very rare when you will fit perfectly in one size, as we all have different body shapes. That is after all what makes us all so beautiful!

Our sales consultants will discuss the size chart with you, and go over why you are being placed in a certain size.

Now you must be aware that bridal and formal wear sizing is typically 2 sizes smaller than regular clothing. So, if you are normally a size 6…you will most likely be a size 8 or 10 in bridal/formal wear.

We understand that it is not comforting for self-esteem, but we don’t want you ordering a size 6 as it will be way too snug!


Alterations that you may need on your dress once it has come in from your special order.

Hem: Nine times out of ten this is the alteration everyone needs. Some bridal dresses when you order we may suggest doing what is called a special hem measurement, where you would need to know what you are wearing for shoes on your wedding day. We will then measure the length of the dress, to special order it at that length for an extra fee. This fee is usually more cost effective than going to a seamstress afterwards for a hem.

For all other special occasion dresses (bridesmaid, mother’s, prom, etc) unfortunately you can not order a shorter length. So you will need to be prepared to get a hem when your dress comes in.

Taking in or out the sides: If you do not perfectly fit into the size chart for the size that we ordered you getting the sides taken in or out will be a minor alteration that you may need. For example, if you are more of a pear shape, we will have to order the dress based off of your hip measurement so you will need the bust area to be taken in. Another example is if you are heavy chested in comparison to the rest of your body we would need to order for your bust measurement and you would need the waist area taken in and possibly the hips as well depending on the style of the dress.

Dresses are a lot easier to take in than to let out. If you are planning on losing weight we will discuss the options when ordering your dress.

Adjusting straps: If you order a dress that has straps you may need those adjusted. We do not measure for the strap area and depending on your torso length you will have to get them shortened so they fit you better.

Bustle: For our beautiful brides, you will more than likely want to get your train bustled. What this does is pins your train up so you don’t have to worry about the extra fabric getting caught or in the way while you are dancing. Depending on the length of your train or even the detailing in the train you may get anywhere from 1-3 bustles, sometimes more.

We do not offer alterations here at our store, but we do have local seamstresses in the area that we recommend. Our consultants are trained and can give recommendations on what you will need in terms of alterations before you order your dress and can even advise once your dress has arrived in store.

We understand that there is a fair amount of girls who are wanting to lose some weight before their big day. However we see it happen too much where the girl wants to order a dress two sizes smaller, and then the weight loss plan does not go according to plan. A dress can easily be taken in two dress sizes before running into dress design problems. A lot of dresses come in and do not have a generous amount to be let out.