Have you fallen in love with a dress but not ready to say “YES” yet? Are you worried it may become discontinued?

Dress designers discontinue a lot of dresses each season! We don’t find out until usually 3 months before they are going to be discontinued.

After a dress becomes discontinued you can not order it anymore!

If we have the dress in the size and colour you love you can buy it off the rack for a discount!

A lot of our dresses on the sale rack have become discontinued, so we put them on sale to clear them out as soon as possible to make room for new beautiful gowns!


So why do designers discontinue dresses?

They are usually styles that have been around for at least a year or more.

They get discontinued because they are not performing well within the designer’s requirements to continue production.

With so many new styles coming out each season, they also look at older styles that may be similar and discontinue them to promote the newer styles.


Sometimes dresses become discontinued because the designer can no longer get the fabric that is needed to make the dress.

This can happen anytime during the year and is usually a quicker turn around than the 3 months notice.

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All of the other dresses we carry in the store can also become discontinued.

This includes; Bridesmaids, Special Occasion, Flower Girl, Prom,etc.

If you really love a dress our advice to you is to not wait too long.

You can always call or e-mail us and we will let you know if the dress you love has become discontinued or is going to become discontinued.