There are many things to think about when you are choosing your wedding date.

In this blog post, we are going to go over key things you should think about while you are deciding on a date.

  1. Timeline-  an average wedding takes 1 year to plan

First off you should start to think of who you are planning to invite to your wedding, the number of guests will help determine the size of venue you need to look for.

You need to start thinking about what vendors you must have a part of your wedding. Most wedding vendors book up quickly, so if you really want certain vendors make sure you contact them to find out what dates they have available.

2. Friends & family- Who do you really want to be there?

Talking to your friends and family in advance before choosing a date will help you avoid running into them not being able to attend your wedding. They may have vacations already planned or work obligations during certain times of the year that they wouldn’t be able to get the time off to attend your wedding. We strongly suggest this ESPECIALLY if you are planning a destination wedding. 

Photo was taken by Rosenlee Photography

3. Holidays- Double check upcoming holidays around your wedding date

Nothing against those who have weddings on holiday weekends, everyone has their own preference. Just keep in mind, some of your family and friends may have other plans for some holidays (cottages in the summer, Christmas traditions, Canada day parties) So keep in mind when holidays are happening and double check that your family and friends are ok with your wedding being the same weekend. 

4. Your work schedules- When are you and your significant other really busy at work, or even school?

Are you or your spouse a teacher? Accountant? Nurse?

In every job there is usually a busier time of the year, take into consideration for wedding planning, you don’t want to be finalizing every last wedding detail when you are also stressed at work or school with deadlines.

5. Budget- How much do both sides of the family want to spend??

Knowing the whole budget from both sides of the family before you start planning and wanting things is a wise choice. You don’t want to fall in love with a venue, florist or even caterer when realistically you can not afford them for the wedding. 

There are certain times of the year that some venues have different pricing, so if you must have a certain venue, definitely ask them how they structure their pricing, you may get lucky and be able to still have that venue but just need to choose a different month.