Finding your wedding dress surely is an amazing feeling! Finding the right one to suit your personality, and wedding vision can sometimes be a struggle.

Usually, you will need some alterations on your gown for the perfect fit.

Continuing reading this blog post for some helpful hints on what to expect when going for your alteration appointments.


We know girls want to lose weight before their big day, but please don’t order your dress 2 sizes smaller then what you should be ordering. It is always easier to take in a dress than to let out!  Our consultants will advise you what size you should order, if we feel you would be safe going 1 size down then we will do that for you, usually, dresses can be let out one full size but it is depending on the style of the dress and the manufacturer.

Wedding dresses to run 2-3 sizes larger than what you would normally wear in your everyday clothes. So what does that mean?

If you are normally a size 4 in your pants, wedding dress you would need to order a size 8 or 10.


Example of a dress not fitting well

When you go for your fittings, if something doesn’t feel right then tell your seamstress. You need to be comfortable in your dress all day and night! You have paid good money for this dress, don’t let your seamstress ruin how you feel in it!

Make sure you can dance, sit, walk and even bend down. Make sure you can do all the things you are going to be doing on your wedding day. If a seamstress pins something that hinders your movement, tell them! There are always other solutions to adjustments and they can be found, you aren’t limited to just what the seamstress tells you!


Before you begin alterations you should have your wedding shoes and undergarments that you will be wearing for that day. Having the bra and any other undergarments that you are planning on wearing on the wedding day is key for all of your appointments! If you change your mind and buy a fancy push-up bra the week of your wedding it will change how your dress sits on your body and you will not feel comfortable at all, and that will show in the pictures.

You may not need your shoes for the first visit if you are having the sides taken in and adjustments to the top, as that will alter the hem a bit.  Make sure you have your shoes and be comfortable with being able to wear them for the whole day and night of your big day. You wouldn’t want to spend the money on a hem, and then change your mind on the shoes and then your dress get ruined, or have to pay for another hem if you decide to get lower shoes.