Buying your wedding gown is a huge commitment!

Once you’ve ordered yours, you can’t make any changes and there are no returns or exchanges!

So we get why some girls need to think about it and make sure it truly is “The one”

Before you commit to buying your wedding dress, make sure you ask your bridal consultant the following questions!


Does my wedding date present any limitations?

You should be aware of how your wedding date will affect your gown shopping experience.

Most gowns take six to eight months to arrive and require an additional two to three months for alterations.

If you’re shopping close to your wedding date, you may be limited to off-the-rack gowns, which may require more time and money for alterations, as you are limited to the sizes available in the stores.

Most designers do have rush options available for quicker delivery of dresses, but if you have the time no sense in putting it off and having to pay even more money to get it in time.

Are alterations included in the cost of my gown, and what do they average?

Most salons don’t include alterations in the cost of your gown, so factor them in before committing to a dress, especially if it’s on the higher end of your budget.

Some salons do provide alterations, but usually at an extra cost. Alterations are generally never included in the price of the gown.

Knowing this information before you commit to the dress will help keep you informed and stay within budget!

If I decide to buy this dress in the coming months, will it still be available?

After you’ve found “the one,” you really should stop looking. However, if you need some time to sleep on your decision, make sure your dress will still be available in the future.

Designers discontinue dresses every year, so ask the salon to see if they know if the dress you love is going to be discontinued anytime soon.

Can I buy the sample?

Are you on a tighter budget but absolutely love the dress that is just a little out of your price range? Ask if you can buy the sample gown.

Only ask this if you love the colour it’s in and wouldn’t be ordering it in a different colour. When you are buying the sample gown, you are buying as is!

Usually, salons offer discounts for buying the sample, so find out how much they would be willing to discount the dress for.

When do I pay the balance?

Salons have different expectations when it comes to payment, so you’ll need to be clear on how much is due when ordering and when the rest of it is due.

Make sure you know all the details to avoid confusion and so you know how much is due and when.