Many Brides ask us, “When should I start shopping for my wedding dress”. Most manufacturers take 6-8 months to get the dress delivered to our store.

We have come up with a worry-free guide to buying the dress of your DREAMS!

1 year before Wedding

  • Set your Gown budget, this is just for your dress! It’s great to have a budget for you whole look, but having a budget specifically for your gown is also important.


  • Do some research. Think about what you want to look like on your wedding day, where your wedding is taking place can also play a key into what kind of dress you want.
  • Decide on who you want to bring with you when you are ready to dress shop. It’s great to get the opinions of those you love, but having too many opinions could be overwhelming.
  • Start shopping! It’s never to early to start looking, this way you can decide on what style of dress you really like for your body. When you come to One Love One Dream Bridal Salon and Formal Wear, bring those pictures along with you and show them to our bridal consultants. nicole-spose-NIAB15113IV-Nicole-moda-sposa-2015-45


8 months to go

  • Now is the time to buy your dress!  You’ll know it’s “the one” when you don’t want to take it off. When you buy your gown, you’ll have to sign a contract and put down a deposit, which is usually 50 percent of the price of the gown.
  • We will give you an estimated time of arrival for your dress. When the dress is in, you will then pay the balance remaining on your account before alterations can begin.


Please feel free to ask us your questions, we are here for you to help make your big day less stressful!