We love working with Katie Lynne and her team.

Continue reading below to find out more about Katie and her buisness.


  • How long have you been in business

    This is my 5th year in business.

  • Where did you go for your training and schooling?

    I was originally self-taught and then attended the Career School of Hairstyling in Oshawa.

  • Do you attend seminars to stay on top of the latest trends, and for continuous learning?

    Yes, I am constantly staying updated with the newest trends and styles 🙂

  • How many people do you have working for you?

    I have 4-5 people who work for me and I also have a great group of other professional artists that I work with or recommend if I am not available.

  • Do you only do one bridal party per day?

    We try to only do one wedding a day because they do take up a lot of time. However, if there is a small party that needs to be done early in the morning, it is common for us to book a second that afternoon – being sure that they will not lap in any way.

  • Do you charge for trials for hair and makeup, or is that included when they book your services?

    I do charge additional for trials but they are discounted with all bookings to ensure they are affordable for all my brides to have.

  • I know you are mobile…do you charge after a certain distance for travel?

    I like to avoid travel fees. I do not charge within Durham Region and definitely not with larger bridal parties.

  • Do you like to see pictures of the dress your client is wearing? How about flowers for the bride?

    Yes! Who doesn’t like seeing beautiful dresses! I am sure to ask the bride about every little detail she has planned because it helps me see her vision and I also just love talking about weddings 🙂

  • When a bride comes for a hair trial do you like having the headpiece and veil they are wearing? What if they don’t have it yet?

    I always recommend a trial 4-6 weeks prior to their wedding as it leaves time for those items to be ordered in. I prefer when the bride brings her veil or hairpiece because it really turns her hair style into a bridal style. If they do not have their accessories yet, I do have a little veil for them to try on and some hair pieces available to get the idea.

  • Do you have a backup plan if for any reason you are sick and can’t work on the day you had scheduled with a customer?

    I have done a wedding with an IV in my arm! I will literally show up in any state. I tell my clients the only reason I will not be there is because I have died and in the event, this happens, my assistant, Lilly totally knows how to run a wedding day and I always have backups!

  • How many weddings have you done hair and makeup for?

    I have definitely lost count. Last year alone I did close to 60. I have done a couple hundred for sure!

  • What is the biggest bridal party you have done hair and makeup for?

    16!! It was so much fun! I had myself and 3 assistants and we finished 30 minutes ahead of schedule. That was a really great day.

  • Can you duplicate a look from what the customer has seen online for hair or makeup?

    I always tell my clients that photos are used for inspiration. The person in the photo has different hair, colouring and eye shapes etc. and we can apply that to our vision and come up with a look that’s best for them. So yes, I can duplicate for the most part but it is also good to have an open mind for suggestions as well!

  • Have you worked on all different skin types and tones?

    Yes, I have. This is where having a variety of shades and coverages for foundations is huge. Mature skin can’t handle the high coverage like younger skin can. Also, airbrush makeup works so well for anyone with acne, scarring, or discolouration, where someone with even, clear skin will look just as great with traditional foundation.

  • What do you suggest for prep before the big day?

    I don’t ever suggest going crazy and trying a bunch of new products too close to your wedding. Some brides get caught up in the smallest little crease or having perfect skin with can actually irritate their skin and cause breakouts! You are already going to be stressed enough so stick to your basic routine of washing and moisturising and DO NOT WEAR MAKEUP TO BED!

  • How to you make sure your makeup is clean? Is there certain rules or codes you need to follow from the government?

    Cleaning my tools and makeup is like a part-time job in itself. There is a lot of prep work and post work that goes into a wedding day that most people wouldn’t even think about. All my makeup brushes have to be cleaned of debris with warm soapy water and then sanitized with alcohol and properly dried. The makeup has to be cleaned and wiped down after each client and there is absolutely no double dipping! We use a spatula to get the makeup we will need and do not dip the brush directly into it. We use disposable sponges and mascara wands and make sure they are never cross contaminating. If someone has severe acne or cold sores, we throughout the brushes used on that client. Makeup also has an expiry date so we are always shuffling through our kit and replenishing it. As far as government standards, makeup isn’t like hair where you need a license. There are hygienic guidelines that every artist should be following. If you hire an artist and their brushes arrive dirty or her kit looks messy, she probably isn’t following these guides and I would recommend not using their services.

  • I know you do hair extensions…is that something you do before the big day? Or is it done the day of?

    Depends on the client! A lot of my brides use clip in extensions. These are put in on the day of and must be taken out before sleeping. For any of my brides wanting something a little more permanent, I offer tape ins, bonded and beaded extensions. These are usually done about a week before the wedding.