Are you thinking about wearing a veil? Not sure which one is for you?

Be sure to read this blog post about the different types of veils that are out there.

The Birdcage

This is a short veil that is worn over the face and it is usually made out of a net material.

This is perfect for the brides that want the 50’s style incorporated into their wedding.

The veil should sit just below your nose and on an angle.


Shoulder Length

This sits just above or below the shoulder, usually around 20 inches in length.

This style works well with an A-line dress as well if you have a dress with lots of detail on the back.



This veil style is perfect for brides who want a romantic look.

It is usually edged with heavy lace and floor length.


The Blusher

This is a shoulder length or short veil that is worn over the face.

You can still wear a mantilla or another shoulder length veil.

Most brides like the idea of the blusher being able to come off after the ceremony, or it can stay on for added volume.

Wearing the blusher is a look that can be both modern and traditional.


Chapel Length

This type of veil is perfect for brides that are wearing a dress that has a small train.

It can also be the same length of your train, some companies you can measure how long you would like your veil and they will custom make it for you.


Cathedral Length

This is a dramatic veil that is usually much longer then your train.

This is perfect for the true princess bride. It is elegant and dramatic all at the same time!

Usually this type of veil you would want removed after the ceremony, so make sure you ask for it to be on a detachable comb.

This would be a great veil to pair with a blusher, keep the blusher on after the ceremony and put the Cathedral Length in a safe place.