Being asked to be your friends maid of honour comes with a lot of responsibilities and duties! One major duty is your maid of honour speech.

There are a lot of girls out there that don’t like public speaking, so don’t worry you are not alone. You may be asking yourself what the big deal is about giving a maid of honour speech. The point of the maid of honour speech is to wish the newlywed couple luck and congratulate them on their marriage.



Continue reading this blog for some helpful tips on how to write a maid of honour speech that won’t be completely awkward.


  • Introduce yourself and explain how you know the bride. Yes some may know how far back you go with the bride, but some may not. Talk about how and where you met.
  • Focus on the bride but don’t carry on too much about inside jokes only you and the bride know. If you don’t know the groom so well, then just say when you met him and how much he makes your friend happy.
  • Keep your speech short, and don’t say negative things about their relationship. Some couples rush into things, and some take a long time before getting married. That is there choice and not yours.
  • Make sure you congratulate and wish them well for a lifetime of happiness.
  • Don’t have your speech written out. Think of what you want to say to the happy couple, rehearse it a couple times…maybe even 100, but don’t have a piece of paper and read from it, have the speech come from your heart.
  • Finally to end your speech, get the guests to raise their glasses, and make your toast to the bride and groom