Every girl wants to look her best for her big wedding day!

Preparing your skin months ahead is important, but so is whitening your teeth. Yes, photographers can whiten your teeth when they edit the photos, but having white teeth also help boosts your confidence for the day. Knowing you look absolutely flawless is so empowering.

Below we have provided some helpful tips for when you are looking to whiten your teeth for the big day.

  1. Whitening toothpaste

If you don’t mind how your teeth are looking, but just want to brighten them up a little bit, you can get whitening toothpaste. Adding a whitening mouth rinse will also help in this process too.

2. Whitening strips

If you are needing something stronger than toothpaste and rinse, going with the strips is better. They penetrate the pores of your teeth, therefore giving a deeper whitening treatment.  Whitening strips you can start using 1-2 weeks before the wedding. Some only need 3 days, but just in case it isn’t working enough for you having the 2 weeks before hand is always better.

3. Whitening tray

This is the most effective over-the-counter method for teeth whitening.  The package will tell you the duration for it to stay on…some are overnight, or some are only a few hours. It is important to leave it on for the full time suggested. You can get whitening tray’s at your dentist office as well.

4. Laser Whitening

This treatment is done at your dentist office. This method guarantees several shades lighter. Usually, you also get at home maintenance treatments from you dentist so that you get the desired results you are desiring.

5. Look on all products for the dental association approval!

The dentist association approves whitening methods that they feel are safe for consumers to use themselves. When you are looking at products in the stores, make sure they have association approval on it. Don’t want to be ruining your smile when you are just trying to improve it a little.

6. Avoid teeth-staining foods

During the few months leading up to your wedding if you can avoid teeth staining foods that will help keep your teeth pearly white. They include: red wine, coffee, tea, deep coloured berries, pop or soya sauce.

7. Drink more water

Drinking water throughout the day can help water down stain-causing foods and keep your teeth whiter. Drinking water on your wedding day will help keep your mouth and lips moistened, making it easier to smile all day.

8. Keep up with your regular dental regimen.

Whether or not you decide to use teeth whitening treatments to enhance your smile, it’s important to keep up the proper care of your teeth.