You’ve asked your girls to be part of your special day.

Now you have to look for bridesmaid dresses.

Continue reading below for some tips on bridesmaid dress shopping.

  1. Work on Budget

Are you paying for the girls dresses? Are they paying for their own?

Clearing this up with them beforehand is strongly recommended.

If you are paying, how much do you want to spend on each dress? If they are paying, how much are they willing to spend?

2. What style are you looking for?

You’ve already determined your theme of the wedding, and have you ceremony location picked out. Think about what styles you will want your girls in.

Short? Long?

You can select one company, and let your girls select the style the like the best for their body, and have them all the same colour.

Another option is different colours and all same style.

Pinterest is great inspiration for this, seeing everything together from other weddings that are similar to your wedding theme.


3. Start shopping early

Starting to look for bridesmaid dresses 6-8 months out from your wedding date is always recommended.

Ordering time for bridesmaid dresses is 3-4 months depending on the designer.

Rush’s can be ordered, but why pay more money when you don’t need to?

When ordering from us, we wait for all of the bridesmaids to finish ordering, especially if all the same colour. This way we can ensure that they will all be cut at the same time and colour will be perfect, otherwise they could be cut on a different bolt of fabric and could vary a little.

4. Buy from a store

We professionally measure each girl, and look at the designers size chart to determine the best size to order in. Therefore the only alterations that may be needed is hem and taking in the sides. We strive to place you in the best size for your measurements, but not everyone fits perfectly into each size.

We can also asses if your girls need extra length, we know the standard length from our designers for every dress. Depending on the style extra length can be added, for an extra cost.

Ordering online can be cheaper, but the quality is very poor and we have heard so many stories where they come in the wrong colour and even wrong style. Also to keep in mind with ordering online, you have to factor in the exchange rate as well as shipping and duties.

It could add up to be more expensive then buying in store.

When you purchase with us you know the full price that you are paying and won’t be surprised with any other costs when your dress arrives in store. Just remember that alterations (if needed) are extra.

5. Don’t bring your whole bridal party the first time

Come to the store with your mother or maid of honour first. See what styles there are that you like, and then book another appointment to come back with the rest of your bridal party and have them try on the dresses you have picked.

If they aren’t liking the styles, or you don’t like on them, then you can look through the racks again and find something that everyone can agree on.


We hope this has made the thought of bridesmaid dress shopping less stressful.

Our consultants are always here to help answer questions and help you find the best dress style for your girls.

We are here to help make your dreams come true!

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