We get it, Prom can be very expensive.

Check out the breakdown of what the average cost is for girls and guys as well as when you go as a couple.

The average total cost for a Couple is $1,900

The average total cost for a Girl is $1,100

The average total cost for a Guy is $800


The dress!: Average is around $350. You can look around at stores and see what dresses they have on sale that might peek your interest if you really don’t want to spend a lot of money on your dress. A dress can cost up to $1,000 or more depending on the designer. Look at all the designers that are out there for Prom dresses, chances are you could find a stunning dress for half the price of the name brand designer dress that you absolutely LOVE but can’t afford.


Hair: Yes you could do your hairstyle yourself or have your mom do it too. Depending on the difficulty of your hairstyle this would be a great way to save some money here.

Average cost is: $65. Some places could charge up to $150.

Another thing to keep in mind for cost, is if you are wanting a trial up do they usually come with a price as well.


Makeup: If you love doing your makeup yourself this is another way to save some money, maybe refresh some of your favourite products so you can start using them for Prom. Just keep in mind that you will be looking back on these pictures so don’t go too crazy and try something that you just saw on Pinterest the night before!

Average cost is $50, but again depending on where you go, could cost up to $140. Also you can get trial makeup sessions too, so just make sure you know before hand if they do cost extra.

Jewelry: Depending on the dress that you get you may not need a lot of jewelry.

Average cost is $45, if you get really nice jewelry it could cost up to $200.

A way to save money is to see if places have a buy one get one deal. Even if you only needed one piece of jewelry chances are you would be able to find something that you could wear every day as well.

Shoes: Again shop around for the best deal on shoes. Some places have buy one get one for shoes too. Find shoes that you know you will be able to stay in all night and enjoy yourself.

Average cost is $60, some girls go up to $200 (of course being the brand name designers again)

Manicure & Pedicure: Who doesn’t like having a spa day? You can go and get your nails done with your best friends!

Average cost is $40, but we all know if you want to get fake nails it could be closer to $120. Try growing your nails out before you go, and then get shellac instead of regular polish.



Tuxedo: Guys you need to look your best too! Yes we get that jeans are comfortable, but tuxedoes can be too. Look into renting a tuxedo if you aren’t the dressing up kind of guy, no sense in spending up to $800 on a tuxedo that you will never wear again! Renting is so easy, and most companies have deals going on around prom time too!

Average cost is $180, maximum like we said already is up to $800.

Hair: Let me tell you, you guys are lucky. You just need to think of how you want your hair to look for prom, and have it cut a week before so it’s fresh!Invest in some good hair gel, and perfect the style you are going for a few days before prom. You don’t want to be stressing over your hair 2 hours before prom!


When going as a couple

Guys you need to buy your girls a beautiful corsage. Average cost is $35, they can go up to $80.

Girls you need to buy your guys a boutonniere. Average cost is $35, they can go up to $50.

Call local florists and see if they may have a discount for when you order both at the same time.

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There is other costs that you need to keep in mind as well!

Transportation: Average per person is $90, could go up to 1,000

Prom tickets: Average is $60, depending on where your school has chosen it could be up to $200 a ticket

After Prom getaway: If you’re looking to go away for the weekend after prom, keep in mind all the expenses that come with that. Camping is cheaper so most go with that. Some want to go to Niagara, which of course would be more expensive.

Average cost is $150, could go up to $1,000 a person.

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