Is planning your second wedding stressing you out? We have compiled a few tips to help you along.

Planning your second wedding, you have experience from the first and know how long it takes to plan the perfect day! Yes you can still have a big celebration of your love! There will be things you don’t want to do as it will remind you and your fiance of the previous weddings and marriages.

Sometimes a second wedding you find that you have more choice, as you are older and know more about what you want for yourselves in the wedding! This is your time to shine again and celebrate finding love again!

  • You can wear white again if you so choose, the choice is yours. There are many more colour options out there now as well, so choose a wedding gown that you are comfortable with. You may choose not to wear a veil or a tiara, again the choice is yours.
  • Some brides decide to go for a more simpler dress, which may or may not have a train.
  • Second weddings do tend to be more intimate. Invite the guests who you know will be there to support you and your fiance’s love for each other
  • Yes you still need to get a marriage certificate. Check with your local clergy office for their requirements when it is a second wedding.
  • Who will walk you down the aisle? It can most certainly be your father again…but if you have children you may want them to walk you down. You don’t need someone to walk you down the aisle, again the choice is yours.

  • Refrain from saying “well the last time”. This is a fresh start, plan the wedding of your dreams. Including the cake, first dance, etc
  • Usually, when planning a second wedding the bride and groom are in better financial standings and do not require help from their parents. Some parents may offer to help, so that will be on an individual needs basis.
  • You can have bridesmaids again if you want to, just don’t expect them to pay a lot of money…especially if they were in your wedding party before.

Below we have some dresses we recommend for a second wedding