There is always lots of focus on what the bride, bridesmaid and mother of the bride should wear to the wedding. What about the wonderful guests that are going to be in attendance?

We have compiled a few rules for what wedding guests should or should not wear.


1. There should only be one White Dress in the Room!

Yes some brides don’t necessarily wear white anymore, they are in shades of Ivory and yes sometimes colour.

In order to play it safe do not wear a dress that is white, unless the wedding invitation specifically said to.

The focus should be on the bride at all times, you don’t want to outshine her in any way.




2. Do not show too much skin

Yes if you’ve got it then you want to flaunt it, but that is a fashion faux pas at a wedding.

You can have one sexy element like a plunging neckline, short hemline, cut out, low back, or a body con fit, but no more than one.





3. Read the Invitation

Look at the wedding invitation for some clues as to what to wear. A church wedding will be a different dress code then an outdoor wedding, also the bride may have put on the invitation what the dress code is.

If you are still at a loss for what to wear, ask yourself how you would like to look if you ran into your boss. You never know who the bride or groom may know, it is a small word after all.




5. Don’t steal the show

This rule is much like #1, but we can’t stress it enough. This is the Brides big day! You don’t want to wear anything that will make you stand out in the pictures that are going to be snapped constantly all night.



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