You’ve asked your best girls to be a part of your big day! But…they don’t all know each other!!

Here are a few suggestions for activities you could all do together that is productive, yet fun!

You can make these more personalized to your tastes…have movies playing, drink mimosas, or eat some pizza! The options are endless!!


  1. Invitation stuffing at your place: The daunting task of getting all those invitations out can now be fun!! Crank up those tunes, fill up your glasses and start the stuffing!
  2. Cocktail tasting:  There are many different places that offer alcohol tasting now. Craft beers more your thing or maybe wine tasting? Whatever it is look up some different options and discuss it with your girls!
  3. Restaurant scouting:  Looking for the perfect spot to have your rehearsal dinner at? Why not go out for dinner with your girls, and have them help you decide where to eat!
  4. DIY decor party!: Are you a DIY bride?!?! Why do it all yourself?? Get your girls to help you out! Your centerpieces will be done in one night!!

Do you have any suggestions for other brides and her bridesmaids?

Send us a message and we can create another blog post featuring your suggestion!