We have noticed the popularity of the Stag & Doe/ Jack & Jill has been increasing.

Couples are going for these more in order to get some more money to have the wedding of their dreams.

Some couples opt to have these instead of their Bachlorette and Bachelor parties.

We have come up with some key tips in order to help make your event a success!


Choosing the hall

Make sure you look for a hall where you can get the money from the drink sales, this is after all where you make most of your money.

Ask if there is a price difference depending on the day you book.

Ask if you are allowed to have gambling, as you would probably want to hold a 50/50 draw.

Assign duties and find helpers

Since the Wedding Party is hosting the Stag & Doe use them.

But if they are out of town or are unable to help get as many helpers as you can, especially ticket sellers.

 You will also need people to run the front door, the bar (if not being overseen by the Hall), the gaming tables, 50-50 draws, and people to relieve these people.

Selling the tickets

If you want 200 people to show up, you need to sell about 300 tickets.

A lot of people will just buy a ticket to help support the couple.

The ticket price depends on what you have to offer and what the going rate is in the area.

The general price ranges from $5 per person to $8 or a Couple for $10 to $15.



Having really great prizes is ultimately where you can make the most money.

Try and get prizes that relate to the couple.

Raffle off some concert tickets or sporting games.

Of course getting prizes donated by companies would be ideal as well, or at least at a discount.

Ask around to different companies and see if they will help you out.


You should of course have the standard liquor and beers available.

Drink prices should range from $2.50 a drink to $3.50.

Jell-O shooters are very popular and generally sell for a dollar a piece.


Instead of purchasing pizzas try having sandwiches and vegetable trays made up.

Hot roast beef on a Bun, Pasta and Salads.

Having a choice gives people a sense of value on what they are paying for.


The Pie In The Face Auction:
The honorees of the evening have the opportunity to receive “Pie In The Face”….for the right price of course!

 Whip Cream in tin foil pie dish. $5 bucks for a mush in the face per person.


To Sing or Not to Sing:
Place bowls or jars on the drink counter. One jar will be labeled to sing and the other Not to Sing.

The object for your guests is to fill the jar with change to a certain line.

If the line is passed with the to sing then the Groom or Bride will have to sing.

You can also substitute the singing with some other embarrassing moment for the Groom or Bride to do.

They can also do it together, after all marriage is about supporting each other.