You’re going through your checklist and realize you have not got your officiant yet.

Questions are running through your head…where do you even begin? How do we know we’ve picked the right one?

The best way to find a good officiant is to ask people you know.


Photo by: Rosenlee Photography

Getting a referral from someone you know and trust is the best way to find an officiant that will be perfect for you.

Another great source to check is Wedding Wire, you can see other bride-to-be’s comments on there.

Also ask the other wedding vendors (wedding planner, florists, photographer, etc) that you will be working with, what they think of the officiant, they have seen the person working on the job and will know if they are good or not.


Once you have selected an officiant you would like to have, set up a no-obligation face-to-face meeting so that you can discuss your vision for your ceremony. A face-to-face meeting will give you an opportunity to see if the officiant is willing to invest the time to get to know a little bit about you and your fiancé. During this meeting you should be able to tell why the officiant does weddings. Does the officiant get enthusiastic and passionate about your wedding vision? Or do you get the feeling like this is just another wedding? You and your fiancé are unique in your own ways and you want that to shine through during the ceremony.

When choosing your officiant there are also some other factors to consider. Licensing fees and of course availability.

If you meet an officiant who clearly sees and understands your vision for your ceremony, make sure you book them asap!


It’s hard to always remember who to book and when, but the good officiants do always get booked first, so if you are really set on wanting to work with them make sure you book them as soon as you know they are the one!