What is a bustle you may be asking? Let us explain…

Definition of bustle is: framework expanding and supporting the fullness and drapery of the back of a woman’s skirt or dress

Still confused? Continue reading and we will explain how you can use a bustle on your wedding gown.

You’ve spent a lot of money on the dress of your dreams! It has a gorgeous train…but you want to dance the night away!

You can get a bustle made for your train. Depending on the detail of your train you might opt for a more extravagant bustle.

You can discuss your options with your seamstress, and she can show you what each option would look like.

The bustle is an opportunity for a bride to make another fashion statement and can enhance the look of the gown, or completely change it.

Here is a quick breakdown of some more common used styles

  1. One-Point Overbustle: The most simple and inexpensive is the over bustle, usually secured by one point at the base of the bodice.  This bustle is very full and works well for brides on a budget with gowns created from lighter fabrics.

2. Three-Point Overbustle: A three-point over bustle is more secure than the one-point version, and also helps to spread the train so it stays open.

3. The French Bustle: The french bustle is created by a series of ribbons or loops inside the gown. This is a great bustle for full gowns and gowns made with heavy or delicate fabrics.  They can be placed low or high and have anywhere from 2 – 25 points in them.

If it’s important to see what the dress is going to look like for the evening before you commit to purchasing it, ask your consultant to show you possible options for a bustle.  Your consultant can give you a good idea of what it will look like.