On your big day you don’t want anything slipping out, nor do you want everyone to see your bright pink underwear!

Whether you are wearing a form fitting, sheath or even a ball gown dress, wearing the proper undergarments is just as important as finding the perfect dress!


  • When choosing underwear or SPANX, match your skin colour, not the dress colour!
  • Having a pattern may be ok (ie:lace) but anything that is bulky (ie: a little bow) will show.
  • Double sided tape will be your best friend for the day (sorry MOH). If you have a low back dress you can tape down for the perfect flat look, also if there are stubborn straps and you don’t want to be playing with them all night another great use.
  • You can have alterations done so that your bra can be hidden, and you won’t have to worry about it all day/night. You can even have your shape wear and bra stitched together, just keep in mind at the end of the night it may take a while to get out.
  • With underwear/ shape wear you may want to go up a size, just like wedding dresses. You don’t want the underwear too tight, but then you also don’t want it too loose. Keep trying them on until you feel comfortable enough that you can see yourself in them for the whole day/night.


We have a great selection of SPANX products in store.



We would recommend trying on all your underwear with your dress before the wedding, this way if there is any problems you can solve it before the big day.

You want to look gorgeous on your day, and not remembered for the bride you had pink underwear showing through her dress!