Before you know it Gala’s will be here.

Continue reading this blog for some tips on finding the perfect dress for your upcoming Gala.


A modern day gala gives you free range to an array of non-traditional dresses.

If the event is formal, a gown will be suitable; but if the gala is semi-formal, you can get away with a fancy cocktail dress or a tailored pantsuit.


Keep ball gowns to the ankle and cocktail dresses no higher than a few inches above the knee.

Pick a color, design and pattern that suits the tones of your skin and shows off your own unique style.


For an evening of elegance, heels are a must.

Find a pair that will compliment your dress and also neutral enough to match other outfits in the future.

Pair shoes with a matching clutch for a simple and sophisticated touch to tie the whole look together.

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We do sell our dresses off the rack, but we do not have every style of dress in different sizes and colours.

For your unique dress, come in to see us 2-3 months before your gala.

We can then order your size and colour that you would like to wear.

Check out our designers selection online to get an idea of what you are looking for.