Choosing the right dress style can be overwhelming.

We wanted to compose a blog that could help you identify what dress shape could work best for you while explaining what the different styles mean!



The skirt of an a-line dress can vary from full to more narrow. This shape makes almost any body type look good.

With having a tight waist and the flowing out from the waist the hips are hidden underneath the skirt, making you feel more comfortable about your body.

This style is great for girls who don’t want to show off their curves, and who are looking for a more simple gown.



Mermaid is a fitted dress that flares out from the knee.

It is a very sexy silhouette and is great for showing off your amazing figure.


Ball Gown

Ball gowns have dramatic full skirts!

Most of the ball gowns have a natural waistline, but some are styled with a drop waist.

There are more ball gowns coming out now where the skirt isn’t as full, but the gowns are still gorgeous!



An empire style dress has a short fitted bodice that ends underneath the bust.

The long skirt and the short bodice make a bride look taller. This is a great choice of style for a bride who is petite.


Fit & Flare

This silhouette has a fitted bodice all the way to the thighs and then gently flares out.

This is the perfect style for a bride who wants to show off her shape, but not as much as a mermaid silhouette.



This silhouette fits close to the body and has a straight shape.

This style will help petite brides appear taller, but this dress style does not hide problem areas well.