When shopping for your dream prom dress it can get overwhelming with different styles and trying to find a style that works best for your body shape.

We have come up with a list of things to look for and to not look for with each body shape.


With this body shape you are best to look for dresses that have a halter neckline and a bodice that highlights your waist.

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Don’t have a style that covers your shoulders completely, it will make you look even more broad.



There are many styles that work for this body shape. Looking for a dress that is strapless, a-line, ball gown or a dropped-waist gown.

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Don’t  have a V-neck or a sheath dress.



There are three styles that work with your body shape. A-line is a great fit, as it just flows over your waist and hips.


For a girl who wants to show off her curves, looking for a mermaid style would be great.

The third style that works with your body shape is a high waisted dress.

Keep away from dresses that have spaghetti straps, although depending on the style the straps could be removed.

Another style to keep away from is the sheath dresses, this style won’t give your body the look it deserves.



Look for a ball gown dress, as well as a style with an empire waist.



Keep away from the sheath dresses, as well as styles with a dropped-waist.


Look for the classy sheath and a-line dresses.



Stay clear of the ball gowns, they will be too overwhelming for your body shape.



To show off your height you should look for sheath and a-line dresses. Ball gown and mermaid styles will also work with you.



The only thing you should keep away from is a high neckline.