We have heard the good and the bad about buying dresses online.

Yes you can find the same style of dress that you want to wear, usually at a much lower cost, however lots can go wrong!


The colour can be different then what you see online or even in a store.  A lot of people sell dresses online, the quality of fabric is cheaper and are generally made from different dye lots.

When you purchase your dress in our store, you are guaranteed to receive the correct colours. We don’t order the bridesmaid dresses until we have everyone’s order, that way we know it will be cut off of the same bolt of fabric.


Left- expected Right- received


Each designer has a different size chart. If you measured yourself and sized to one designer, but decide to go with another the sizing won’t be the same. You could be a 10 with one designer and a 14 with another or even an 8.

When you purchase in our store, you will be measured by one of our professional consultants, and we will personally discuss your sizing according to the size chart representing that designer.


When you buy in-store you don’t have to pay for shipping charges. When you buy online the shipping charges vary depending on where you are ordering from, there are also  hidden fees for your garment to cross the Canadian border.

With our store, if there happens to be an issue with the dress, we will get it fixed with the company at our expense. If you buy online, you have to pay for the shipping back to the company you purchased it from, and some companies don’t even take returns. Again there are extra shipping fees to send to some areas of the world.


Buying online, you are buying sight unseen. If there is a smudge, pen mark, variation in dye, loose thread/beads,etc, you are most likely faced with great difficulty in returning this item, and will probably face the above shipping charges.

Buying your dress through One Love One Dream Bridal, you are assured that we provide quality inspection when we receive your dress in store. If a defect is noticed we will work directly with the manufacturer to replace your dress, at no cost to you.


Looking forward to meeting you soon, in-store to help you find the perfect dress.

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