There are many counterfeit websites out there that are selling dresses.

Sometimes people do not receive the dress, or they do and it looks nothing like the picture!


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These sites are hijacking established designer names, doing cheap knockoffs in poor fabrics and workmanship.


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In this blog we are going to tell you how you get the real dress, so you can avoid disappointment and stress later on.


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  • Only deal with established wedding stores
  • Pay close attention to the advertised retail price. The retail prices are established by the designers and are consistent across the board
  • Visit the designers website and click “Where To Buy” or “Store Locator” this way you know that the store is established with the designer
  • Buying from a store is the only way to guarantee that the dress is going to be authentic to that designer

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Keep in mind when you are ordering online, yes it is cheaper, but if it comes in wrong, sending it back will cost you just as much if not more then the dress itself.

We love to work with our brides and their budgets. We do sell dresses off the rack as well.

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