On Monday, May 30th we held a surprise bridal shower for one of our employees who is getting married this June.

Melissa had no idea that we were planning her a shower, and let me tell you it was hard to keep it a secret.

We made it seem like it was just going to be another staff meeting, as we do find having one every month helps to keep things on track with our staff. We review the feedback we receive from our customers both in store and online.

We bought Melissa a customized hanger from Touch of Heart


We bought her a sewing machine as well as a sewing basket filled with all the necessities.


Hooks and eyes, always on hand here at One Love One Dream Bridal

IMG_8278 IMG_8279 IMG_8280

Melissa is wanting to learn to sew more, so we played a guess the amount of buttons in a mason jar and then she got to keep the jarful of buttons! Emily won this game.

Everyone started the evening wearing a LED flashlight ring, and through out the night if you said “Wedding” or “Bride” and someone heard you they would get your ring, the person who had the most rings at the end of the evening got a prize. Rose won this game.

We played a game where everyone got a sealed envelope that had a groom in it, one of the envelopes had a picture of Melissa’s fiance (Kyle) whoever got him would win.

We made it more fun by playing music and having everyone shift them all to the right and then when the music stopped everyone opened the groom they now had. Rosa also won this game.

You can find the template for the game here.

Here are few of the other grooms we had in the envelopes.

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We also played a game where you use toilet paper and make a wedding dress on someone. Now with everyone being experts in this field it was really cool to see what everyone came up with.


Left to Right Owner Janet, Emily, Ruth(recently retired)


Left to right Rosemarie, Tara, Jennifer(Divine Bridal Alterations)


Melissa (center), Natasha, Susan (in reflection of mirror)


Left to right Angelina(Rosa’s granddaughter, and our junior bridesmaid model) Sam, Rosa(our beading expert)


IMG_8285 IMG_8288

Who would you choose to win? It was hard to pick a winner.


Here are the winners! Melissa even made her own headpiece while Susan and Natasha made her dress.