Hey Girl!

So you’ve got the dress of your dreams, but you still feel like you need something else.

We have some accessories that you could think about when you are in your dress.

  1. Veil: This would be our first suggestion when you are visiting us. Veils add a traditional element to your wedding day, but also just helps you feel more like a bride! We understand there are a lot of you out there that do not want to wear a veil, don’t worry there are many other options!
  2. Headpiece: Whether you want the biggest tiara possible or a small delicate side comb, we have many options to choose from.
  3. Belt: Could your dress go to the next level with an added belt? Doesn’t have to be bling, how about a coloured ribbon or flowers?
  4. Necklace: Depending on the neckline of your dress you could add a beautiful necklace. Could be a family heirloom, your something blue, or just a beautiful necklace that catches your eye that you would love to wear on your wedding day.
  5. Earrings: If you chose to not go for a necklace perhaps a dangly earring. If you do choose a necklace, sometimes they come in sets with earrings so that they match. If they don’t come as a set find a pair of earrings that compliment the necklace as well as the dress.
  6. Jacket or cape: Adding a delicate lace jacket over your dress will add a totally different look to it. This is a great option if your dress didn’t come with sleeves and you were really hoping to have some coverage on your arms. Accessorizing with a cape would be more for the colder months. For those great pictures outside you don’t want to be freezing, so having some extra coverage will give you that warmth. We look forward to seeing you in the store to help you find the perfect accessories for your wedding day.