We know you have been waiting for this day to come.

Before you put on your wedding gown for that walk down the aisle, there are a couple of things you should do first.

Continue reading below for a list of must-dos before you put on your wedding for your big day!

  1. Eat and drink something

We know you don’t want to be too uncomfortable on your wedding day, so we don’t expect you to eat a huge breakfast. This is a day for snacking! Be sure to drink lots of water as well, you will be sweating a lot so try to make sure you are drinking water when you can especially later on when the alcohol drinking begins.

Looking for healthy breakfast ideas for the big day? Check out this post from the Bridal Guide. https://www.bridalguide.com/beauty-fitness/health-fitness/healthy-wedding-day-breakfast.

2. Finish your hair and make-up

Of course, you want your hair and makeup done before you get into your dress, but you should also allow time for it to sit. Even a little bit of makeup on the dress can form a bad mark, that will easily damage the beauty of your gown.  After applying your makeup, dust it with translucent powder or use a setting spray.

3. Have everything you need in one place

Before you start to get ready make sure that everything you need to be aisle ready is in one spot. Place everything, including your shoes and bouquets in low-traffic areas, so the chances of staining your dress are low. Also keep a towel handy to cover up the front of your dress when you eat, drink or touch up your makeup.


4. Take a look at yourself in the mirror

Once your hair and makeup are done, the only thing left to do is to get into your wedding dress. Don’t rush it. Spend a few minutes to get a proper look at yourself in the mirror, and make sure you are entirely happy with what you see. Also, make sure that every accessory that you are wanting to wear you have on. There are so many little details you don’t want to forget anything.

5. Have your dress photographed

Yes, you need to add a picture of your wedding dress on the hanger, into your wedding photo collection. Make sure your wedding dress is on a pretty hanger( we do sell customized hangers in store), or placed neatly on a neat and pretty surface, so it looks good. Make sure you tell your photographer about getting this picture so they can have the time set aside for it. 

6. Go the bathroom

This will be your final time to use the washroom before you have your dress on. Even if you have a simple dress it is still a lot to handle when you are trying to go to the washroom. Yes we know we told you to stay hydrated by drinking water, we know you will have to go to the bathroom after you are in the dress. Going to the bathroom while you are in your dress will take more time, so be sure not to wait until you REALLY have to go!

7. Gather your helpers

It is very unlikely that you will be able to get into your wedding dress and have it zipped or buttoned up, all by yourself. Getting yourself strapped into your wedding dress is usually at least a two-member task. Also remember to step into your wedding gown, do not put it over your head! Be sure to take your time getting into your wedding dress, you wouldn’t want the zipper to get caught and ruin your dress.