YES! You have found the one who completes you! They have proposed and you said YES!! Now you want the whole world to know how happy you are!! 

Don’t worry, we understand that it is a very exciting moment in your life…BUT there are some things you SHOULDN’T do right after you get engaged!

  1. Don’t start inviting people- take the time, sit down and write your lists with your partner…over time you may add and remove people from that list. So until you are ready to start sending out invitations, don’t invite everyone you see!

2. Don’t be careless with your ring- your ring is an expensive piece of jewellery. Be sure to get it appraised if your spouse didn’t get one when they purchased it. Also, consider getting your ring insured!

3. Don’t buy your wedding dress- I know…crazy for a bridal store to tell you not to buy your wedding dress right away, but there is such a thing of buying your wedding dress too soon!

We don’t want you to regret your choice in the dress once you start planning your wedding, and the dress doesn’t really fit your theme anymore.

Absolutely, come and try some dresses on! It’s a great way to find out what style you are looking for as well as how much money, realistically, you need to set aside for when you are ready to purchase your wedding dress.

We suggest starting to look for your wedding dress 1 year before your wedding, and then being ready to purchase 6-8 months before. Designers we work with take about 4-6 months for the dress to arrive. We suggest allowing a 2-month window for any alterations you may need on your dress…of course, talk to your seamstress to find out what time frame she needs to work with!

4.  Don’t accept every invite out- You will have a lot of family and friends who want to see you because they are so excited!

Be careful not to get too overwhelmed with all the attention. You will have time over the next few months to see them, so don’t be afraid to gently turn them down. Suggest another day later on in the month.

A good solution to this would be to have your families over for dinner and then have your friends over for a separate dinner as well.