If you’re ready to start looking for your prom/graduation dress, then find below the 10 things you must know before dress shopping. This way your shopping experience will be wonderful and one to remember. We love helping out girls looking for the perfect prom/graduation dress, it is an exciting time for everyone! When you come to One Love One Dream our staff will help you find the perfect dress for your day.

1. Wear the right undergarments

This could be anything from a strapeless bra to spanx. Wearing the undergarments that you will be wearing for prom will help you find the right dress for your body.

2. Only bring possitive reinforcments

Ask a carefully selected audience to come along with you when shopping for your dress. Of course whoever is paying for the dress, if not you, should be there as well.

3. Shop within your budget

Before you go prom shopping you should already have set a budget for what you, or whoever is paying, is willing to spend. Don’t look at dresses that are over that limit, stick to your budget. There are lots of gorgeous dresses in every price range, so you won’t be dissapointed.

4. Pick what is right for your body

What looks great on the model in the prom magazines might not nessecarily look good on you. Find a dress that will flatter your body, if you can’t find a dress yourself, then ask one of our staff members and they will gladly help you find the perfect dress.

5. Dress sizes are small

Don’t be discourged when trying on dresses, they are typically one size smaller then regular “street” clothes. So if you generally are a size 10, you might have to get a dress in a size 12.


6. Make sure you can sit down

We know you want to dance the night away, but at some point during the night you will be sitting down. If it’s too tight while sitting some adjustments might be able to be made, or simply going up a size. We want you to look gorgeous and be comfortable for your Prom.

7. Choose the best time to shop

Weekends are typically the busiest. To avoid the congestion start shopping as early as November. You can also book an appointment with us, and our staff will take care of you until you have found your dream dress. Once you choose your dress, our staff will add the style # and colour to our system under your school’s name, that way no one else from your school can order the same dress as you!

8. Once you have found the one STOP looking

Don’t even look at another dress, let alone try one on. You love this dress embrace it. Start looking for the perfect accessories that go with it and count down the days.


9. It’s best to shop for accessories in the dress

Necklace and earrings are easier to see if it goes with your dress while you’re still in it. Your dress might not need a necklace depending on the details on it.

10. Have fun with it!

Don’t stress about the details, this is your night, enjoy yourself!