It’s the age where you can access everything online!

Having a wedding website is one important thing to have when you are planning your big day.

You will have one central spot where your guests can access information about the wedding day at any time.

We’ve come up with 10 very important things that every wedding website needs to help you get started.

1. Who, What, Where & When. Sounds like you’re about to write a report right? These are very key information aspects of you day though!

Who: 2 most important! The happy couple of course!

What: Your wedding day!!! Obviously!!! Include what your theme is as this will help guests trying to figure out what they should be wearing…is it formal or casual? Help your guests out!!

Where: Do you have a separate location for the wedding and reception?

When: What time is everything starting? Do you have a break in between the wedding and the reception? Include key times for when everything will be taking place.

2. Directions:  Some venues are hard to find, especially for out of town guests. Be sure to include full addresses for your venues, even a phone number for the venue in case your guests get lost.

3. Registry Info: Include where you have registered for your friends and family to go and purchase gifts for you. Have you thought about a honeymoon registry? This is a great idea if you don’t really want any gifts purchased for you. Your guests can gift money towards your dream honeymoon vacation!!

4. Personal Touches: How the two of you met, proposal story, etc. Everyone loves a good love story!

5. Room Information: Whether your venue is out of town, or you know you are going to be having guests from out of town, including information for different hotels/ B&B’s will be very helpful for your guests.

6. Things to do: This would only apply if you will be having guests come from out of town. They may decide to come into town for a week or even longer, so including some key things to do would be a nice added touch.

7. Wedding Party: Those awesome people who have said YES to being a part of your big day! Maybe even include some fun facts about them, or how you met. Add your own little spin to it.

8. Photo app information: There are so many photo apps out there now. Do your research and find one that you and your fiance like to use the best.

9. FAQ page: Do you have some different things happening on your wedding day? Been getting asked a lot of the same questions? Adding this page to your wedding website may help alleviate all those questions coming in to you.

10. Contact Form: Have one central contact section for your guests to ask more information about your big day. If you have a wedding planner you could have this go to their e-mail, or perhaps your maid of honour will be helping you with filtering out guests questions.

Here’s another tip…set up a wedding only e-mail account(have this contact form go to that e-mail) that way you can just check that e-mail account every other day, or every minute! That’s up to you!