Being asked to be a bridesmaid at your friends wedding is a wonderful honour.

We have made a list of the top 10 things every bridesmaid should do before the wedding day

#1. Be upfront with the bride if you don’t want to be a bridesmaid

Honesty is the best policy. Weddings are expensive for bridesmaids too, so if you don’t feel like you can afford everything, be honest and tell the bride thank you for thinking of me but I will have to decline. This way the bride won’t be disappointed later on when you have to back out after she has everything planned out.



#2.  Make an effort to meet your fellow bridesmaids

You may know all of them already, but if you don’t plan a night out where you can all chat and get to know each other.


#3. Be open-minded about the dress experience

You can voice your opinion in a respectful way on the dress selection, but ultimately it comes down to what the bride wants. One day it will be your turn to get married and you will be looking for the perfect bridesmaid dress for your girls, just think of how you would want to be treated for your dress selection.



#4. Book time off work as soon as possible

You will definitely need to book off the wedding day, and possibly the day before and day after. If there is bridal showers you know about too book those off.


#5. Book any hair/treatments you want done before the wedding

If you dye your  hair, book your touch-up enough time in advance to have a fresh look for the wedding. If you are considering getting a facial or tanning, a lot the proper amount of time before the big day as well.


#6. Volunteer to help with any DIY’s that the bride is wanting to do

Only do this if you have the time. Don’t make promises you won’t be able to keep.


#7. Planning the bachelorette

First find out if the bride is even wanting a bachelorette party. Have a meeting with the other bridesmaids and start planning the big event. Find out the costs for things and determine the budget you are all willing to work with. No sense planning a huge party when no one can afford it.


#8. Practice walking in your shoes

Chances are you paid a lot for the shoes. Walk around the house in them and get used to them so you can wear them all day and not get blisters.


#9. Make the bride a pre-wedding gift

Write the bride a letter, or make her sentimental gift. She will surley appreciate it when you give it to her and treasure it for years to come.


#10. Find out if there is a plus-one

Usually plus-one is assumed if not written on the invitation, but ask the bride to be sure. If they are having a more intimate wedding they may be choosing not to. Maybe you haven’t told the bride about the guy you have been seeing? It’s always better to ask, then to just show up with him.